Terms of use

The following terms present the General Conditions applicable to the use of the Flavio Samelo Silvestre online platform, built by MAIS SHOWS ENTRETENIMENTO E TECNOLOGIA LTDA., A limited liability company, with registered office and legal domicile in the city of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, registered CNPJ / MF under number 25.065.983 / 0001-75, hereinafter referred to as “MAIS SHOWS”, and managed by FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE – ME., a micro enterprise, with headquarters and legal domicile in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo , registered with CNPJ / MF under number 25.065.983/0001-75. These guidelines listed below are in force since the last update of the content, with a date informed at the end of the page.

About the Platform

PLATFORM is a digital tool that aims to commercialize photographs by Flavio Samelo Silvestre through the manipulation of payment data, execution of online transactions, generation of electronic payment receipts and automated e-mail triggering.

Basic definitions

USER is any and all natural or legal person who navigates or makes use of the PLATFORM and its resources and developments; CONSUMER is the user who purchases parts through the PLATFORM. GUIDELINES are the guidelines and rules that must be followed by the USERS, under penalty, in case of non-observance, of removal of the responsible account.


The USER has contact with the offer of works of art through the PLATFORM home page and there he can choose to purchase one or more of the pieces among those available, observing the bonus and burden of each option and the items included therein. For the acquisition, the USER must register on the platform, where he will provide personal data. After this registration, the USER will be directed to a checkout, where he will check the information of his order, being able to check the objects of his acquisition. After checking your order, the USER will inform his payment method, printing the ticket – in case of payment via ticket – or informing his credit card details, in case of payment through this means. When finalizing the payment and as soon as the system computes the payment in question, the confirmation of the purchase will be sent to the CONSUMER`s email.

In case payment computation takes a long time – something common in the case of an option for a ticket or in case of slow processing servers – confirmation will be sent to the CONSUMER in his email only when and if the entire conference process is completed , which can take a few hours in more complex cases.

The debit of the amounts involved will always be executed at the moment of payment of the amount by the USER.

Post-purchase actions

Upon completion of the purchase, the data provided in the act relating to this, the monitoring of the purchase status, the verification of possible maladjustments and the possible communication with the support teams are the responsibility of the CONSUMER, who is responsible for all his acts and for the reverberation cool of these.

When purchasing parts, using credit card or payment of barcode, the CONSUMER has seven days to regret the purchase, in a policy adopted by the PLATFORM based on the Consumer Protection Code (Law 8078/90). Within this period, the CONSUMER may request the cancellation of his share or part of his shares on the PLATFORM. Cancellations or doubts regarding cancellations can be made and resolved through the email Contas@maisshows.com.

Ombudsman and support

In case of doubt regarding the purchase process or regarding the debited payments, the CONSUMER may contact the MAIS SHOWS team and via electronic message to the email contas@maisshows.com. In case of doubts about the action, or in the need for institutional information about the initiative, the CONSUMER may contact the FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE team through an electronic message to the email contato@flaviosamelo.com, and may also use this channel to send suggestions and complaints.

Responsibilities of managers

MAIS SHOWS is responsible for the smooth functioning of the PLATFORM, providing technical support and SAC during its processes of availability, payment, withdrawal of values and all other procedures described in this document. MAIS SHOWS is responsible for the availability of the resources offered in all stages, but is not responsible for errors caused by the bad operation of its technology, whether accidental or malicious by the CONSUMER (S). FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE is responsible for the availability and delivery of items purchased by consumers and answers any question related to the mechanics within which the PLATFORM is included.

User responsibilities

The USER is solely responsible for the security of his USER name and password. It is through this data that the USER can access and change his personal information and other data in his registration. If there is any suspicion of unauthorized or unauthorized use of your account, the USER must immediately notify MAIS SHOWS through the service channels. In this case, an emergency situation is established, where the next procedure is combined and filed via electronic message. The USER undertakes to provide true, accurate, current and complete information when registering on the PLATFORM, as well as keeping them updated, being responsible for any complication, regardless of severity, resulting from their inaccuracy, inaccuracy or outdated. The USER also allows MAIS SHOWS and FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE to manage the information collected, provided that this management takes place in favor of the good relationship between the USER and the PLATFORM and / or provided that this management operates in order to guarantee the security of the PLATFORM and the USERS registered therein, always in compliance with the Terms of Use informed and accepted at the time of account creation or at a later time.

Rights and properties

MAIS SHOWS and FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE are the owners of intellectual property rights related to their own services and brands, managing such property based on a contract signed between these parties and enjoying both the full protection of the Brazilian legal system, notably the Law of Copyright (Law No. 9,610 / 98) and the Industrial Property Law (Law No. 9,279 / 96). These rights do not include any rights related to the support content provided on the PLATFORM whose ownership is marked with the property. Individuals or legal entities that feel damaged in their intellectual property through content available on PLAtAFORMA can forward a complaint regarding the email contas@maisshows.com, where they will count on the total commitment of the MAIS SHOWS team and FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE in resolving the impasse.

About the terms

MAIS SHOWS and FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE reserve the right to access, read, preserve and disclose any information necessary to comply with these Terms of Use, obey legal provisions or comply with court orders, with which the USER already agrees, expressly authorizing . These Terms of Use in themselves are governed solely and exclusively by Brazilian laws, and any conflicts must be resolved exclusively at the Central Forum of the City of Porto Alegre, excluding any other, however privileged it may be. In the event of conflict of state or municipal laws, for the interpretation of any doubt or litigation contained herein, the legislation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and the City of Porto Alegre shall always prevail.

Last updated on December 6, 2020.