Privacy policy

The following policies govern the Flavio Samelo Silvestre online platform, built by MAIS SHOWS ENTRETENIMENTO E TECNOLOGIA LTDA., A limited liability company, with headquarters and legal domicile in the city of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, registered with CNPJ / MF under nº 25.065.983 / 0001-75, hereinafter referred to as “MAIS SHOWS”, and managed by FLAVIO SAMELO SILVESTRE – ME., a micro enterprise, with headquarters and legal domicile in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo , registered with CNPJ / MF under number 25.065.983/0001-75. These guidelines listed below are in force since the last update of the content, with a date informed at the end of the page.

About the Platform

Juntando Peças works with data manipulation through electronic environments. Each stage of the processes proposed by the platform – the PLATFORM – has specific characteristics and characteristic data provided by those who execute it.

When creating their account, users – the USERS – must provide the PLATFORM with a first name, last name and e-mail address, and optionally CPF, physical address, telephone number and credit card details. Some of this data is hosted in an environment belonging to the companies that administer the PLATFORM and others, following legal requirements of electronic commerce, are encrypted and stored on partner servers duly able to do this storage for security reasons. Passwords and any access keys are stored on the PLATFORM server in an encrypted form and are only accessible in their readable nature by the user defining them. All of this information can be accessed and changed at any time by the USER himself through the administration panel of his data displayed upon login to the tool.

The information provided in the registration and later use of the PLATFORM is stored and used only by Juntando Peças and partners. Some of this information may also be collected and processed by the service that manages the payments of PLATAFORMA, by the system that carries out the triggering of transactional emails or by any other third system that performs some specific function in favor of PLATAFORMA. This partner, in turn, is able to use such data only for PLATFORM-related processes and tasks, depending only on authorization from the managing companies to perform such processes and tasks.

Sending emails

To improve the USERS experience, PLATAFORMA makes use of transactional e-mails executing status shots to the e-mail informed by the user when creating his account on PLATAFORMA. These emails include, but are not limited to, transaction success notice, generated billet notice, cleared billet notice, package delivered notice and notices of changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use texts.


This document is the object of work of several professionals involved with the PLATFORM and, therefore, can be changed to improve the security of the service, shield new functionalities and / or increase the transparency of the performance of all those involved.

Last updated on December 6, 2020.